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Highlights 2018-19


Healthy birth weight babies

Benchmark: 70% (IJCP)


Prevalence of child malnutrition (0-3 years)

Benchmark: 46% (National Family Health Survey 4)


Severely thin adolescent girls

Benchmark: 26.5% (National Family Health Survey 4)


Children with special needs

Benchmark: 9.20% (IJMPH, Ahmedabad)


A Just, Equitable and Sustainable Society through

Empowered Communities


We Collaborate with Communities to Develop Equal Access to


Sustainable Environment


Opportunities for Growth

Our Values

An empowered, democratic society is one where

  • children are nurtured in a joyful environment
  • women are equal members of society with complete access to health, education, and socio-economic opportunities
  • women actively participate in decision-making
  • continuous efforts are made to integrate marginalized communities into mainstream society

Life Cycle Approach of Development

Message from our Trustee

“We strongly believe that as a model corporate citizen, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, should Care, Support and Revive. It is our way of giving back to the community and the environment that has helped us grow and thrive.Through our Nandhghar Program and our Women’s Empowerment Project, we believe in imparting healthcare and education for women and children to strengthen the roots of society in which we live. We are committed to investing our time, expertise and resources to educate children and provide them with proper nutrition to eradicate malnutrition from our country.”

Harish K. Sheth
Chairman & Managing Director,
Setco Automotive Ltd.
Trustee, Setco Foundation.

Our Work is aligned with Sustainable Development Goals