Mental and physical health, is essential for holistic child development. In our country, parents have a hard time accepting the fact that the child may experience delay in attaining developmental milestones. Under our Pahel early childhood development & disability support program, we engage with parents and children to cope up with the challenges of delayed development & disability and support them through various interventions.

The Pahel early childhood development centre has been introduced to support families and children with developmental disability. The center, through a monitoring and assessment tool (Guide for Monitoring Child Development), identifies children with special needs and provides the required treatment with care through trained Child Development Aide (CDAs). Pahel partners with children and families to transform the lives of children. The improvement in nutrition and growth directly improves cognitive and motor development in children.

Setco Foundation observed ‘World Mental Health Day’ in 2018-19 to sensitize families and communities to children with special need. The need to address this was felt as the community considered delay to be a social stigma. Pahel children performed and showcased their talents to the parents and community who attended the program.

annual program outreach


Children under 3 years assessed for developmental milestones delay