the impact

INR 3.85 L

Total savings by Self-Help Groups

INR 2.6 L

Total revenue generated by Self-Help groups through various livelihood activities


Women engaged in livelihood initiatives and encouraged for self-employment

Programs targeting all-round development of women

annual program outreach


Total women engaged in health and livelihood programs

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Women’s economic empowerment speeds up development, helps overcome poverty, reduces inequalities and improves children’s nutrition, health, and school attendance. Women typically invest a higher proportion of their earnings in their families and communities than men. Setco Foundation is looking at bridging focus on involvement of women in economic activities.


We at Setco Foundation, under Aeshani program, work on empowering the women economically by linking them with livelihood opportunities and thereby becoming financially independent. We emphasize on strengthening the raw skills of women into tangible talents. For example: Through Setco Foundation we provide them training to develop various designs and products which are sold in appropriate market. We engage them in Self-help groups and encourage for self-employment through various training programs. Women in self-help groups earn income through various entrepreneurial activities such as trading of cattle feed, tailoring, wada cultivation, kitchen garden, catering and building smokeless stoves in the community.

Aeshani ensures that this also empowers women socially and they contribute in decision making process of families and society. The leadership amongst women is evolved through various SHG initiatives.

We also provided our self-help groups with opportunities to showcase their talents at ‘Panchmahottsav’ where they put up the food and jewellery stalls prepared by them. This opportunity helped our self-help groups to generate income for themselves and the families. Setco Foundation supported its self-help groups on various festivals to trade the products such as kites on kite festival.

“I am very satisfied and contented when I think about my financial stability and management of money I have done for the education of my children. The trading business has given me a spirit to take up even bigger challenges coming on my way.”

Kalpana Rathod from Jeevika program, Madhvas, Kalol