The health of adolescent girls as both future mothers and also a future economic driving force is critical. We provide support to adolescent girls and disseminate knowledge on personal care. To drive awareness about menstrual health and hygiene, the Aayushi program provided menstrual hygiene kits to adolescent girls and further counsel them about the use and benefits of these hygiene kits. They were also educated about alternative means of utilizing the hygiene kit.

Setco Foundation conducts health camps for adolescent girls to assess the health and nutrition levels, screening for severely thin adolescent girls. To address the issue of severely thin adolescent girls, Setco Foundation started providing additional counseling sessions and supplementary nutrition packets to all the severely thin adolescent girls. We also build awareness about the government health delivery system and services, by taking adolescent girls to local referral hospital in Kalol where they learn about the functions and services being provided by the healthcare facility.

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Adolescent girls reached under Aayushi Program