The Setco Foundation is a pioneer in the development sector by creating an integrated nutrition, health and child development program for its children. While nutrition and care practices are the most important elements for proper growth, brain development through an appropriate stimulatory home and learning environment is crucial in the early childhood years. We invest heavily in the capacity building of our health workers and teachers to work in the homes and create a joyful learning environment in the anganwadis.


– Provide spacious and clean anganwadis with proper facilities.
– Creating an appropriate stimulating environment at the anganwadis along with the ICDS by introducing Play-Way and Montessori based approaches through trained teachers as a part of the Early Child Development (ECD) Program. The goal of this program is to ensure school readiness.
– Regular evaluation of the progress of each child and family involvement through parent-teacher meetings and gatherings to improve attendance.
– Capacity building of health workers and anganwadi teachers by organizations such as UMMEED and SHERYAS Foundation
– Family –based child development stimulation for ECD through home visits.
– Communicating the need and the importance of ECD within the community and the ICDS by conducting workshops.

IMPACT: 2015 -2016

• 92% of the children completing the pre-school program enrol into primary schools, including private schools. They show good integration into the academic programs in the primary institutions.
• Our goal is to improve the attendance of enrolled children in the anganwadis to at least 80%.